IDall White Paper Chapter III

Decentralized Passwordless one ID Crypto Ecosystem

White Paper, November 20, 2019, Written by GCOD Innovation, Inc.

III. PASSCON Security Technology

PASSCON is the world’s unique authentication security technology that satisfies both convenience and security.

III.1 Personalized dashboard based on Icon Image

Personalized dashboards eliminate keyboards and combine convenience and security.

PASSCON PIN: Using more than one pad, the user can freely configure a PIN. “111111” has 729 different input methods. In other words, even if you know the number, a third party cannot enter it correctly.

PASSCON Story: Create fun stories with icons and use them easily. “I ate two bowls of noodle after skiing for seven hours”.

PASSCON Personalized Dashboard

Demo Video:

PASSCON’s personalized dashboard is a special UIUX made up of image icons that users can choose from. You don’t have to remember or type letters, numbers, or special characters with the keyboard. The patterns and PINs you enter on the personalized dashboard have many different input methods, even if they have the same form or number. In other words, there are special security features on the screen.

The IDall service will also provide a biometric method for your convenience. Users can optionally use PASSCON and biometric depending on the level of importance, such as ID or password assets they manage. The higher the importance, the better it is to use PASSCON.

III.2 Natural random number made with photograph

The natural random number created by the picture provides complete security.

PASSCON authentication algorithm with Natural Random Number

III.3 Summary of special features of PASSCON

PASSCON is our patented unique security technology. Specially configured personalized dashboard and natural random numbers provide the most convenient user experience and the strongest security features.

- It is safe to leak the authentication key.

- It is safe to lose your device.

- It is safe to lose the authentication key and the device.

- A unique technology generates full digit AES256 encryption keys

- Generate a digital signature with a composite factor.

- Completely validate devices with natural random numbers.

Please refer to the Blue Paper for a detailed technical description of PASSCON: Download


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