IDall White Paper Chapter I~II

Decentralized Passwordless one ID Crypto Ecosystem

White Paper, November 20, 2019, Written by GCOD Innovation, Inc.

I. Problem and Opportunity

Neither the internet nor blockchain is secure with a “password”. It is also very uncomfortable.

We believe that the biggest obstacle to the development of the blockchain industry and the spread of the cryptocurrency ecosystem is the uncomfortable user experience of passwords and wallets.

“Passwords” pose a high risk of hacking and the difficulty of creating and remembering multiple “passwords” is very serious. Secondary authentication technologies such as OTP, SMS, and biometrics cannot remove passwords. Biometric authentication also continues to require a password as the primary means of authentication.

Cryptocurrencies developed using blockchain technology can also cause great damage because they use passwords in Wallet. Nevertheless, passwords continue to be used for all Internet and blockchain services.

- Requires a new authentication method that can replace passwords.

- It would be very convenient if the user could combine multiple identities into one.

- Numerous blockchains and cryptocurrencies will continue to emerge.

II. Solution

Create an easy and safe world with innovative security technology PASSCON and Blockchain.

Our mission is to make the Internet, blockchain and crypto assets safe and easy to use. We want to provide an environment where you can do anything anytime, anywhere with just one ID. This goal can be achieved using our unique PASSCON security technology and blockchain.

The IDall ecosystem will fundamentally solve the problem of “passwords” using its own PASSCON security technology. Furthermore, we will solve the problems that blockchain wallet was difficult to use and inconvenient. We want to solve these problems so that users can use the Internet and crypto assets in their daily lives comfortably. In addition, we will ensure that sufficient and satisfactory rewards are transparently provided to participants for faster and wider ecosystem expansion.

As a result, all ecosystem participants will benefit together and continue to grow and develop.

It is a decentralized ID platform based on the hybrid blockchain structure and multichain.

Remove passwords with the PASSCON private chain and enhance the platform’s openness with multi public chain.

It is not desirable for security to disclose both the server and user authentication information. Therefore, it is recommended that the authentication server be configured in a private chain. In order to promote the global expansion of the ecosystem, we plan to involve partners from each country as private chain operators.

After a user is given an ID through the authentication chain, they can optionally distribute their ID to the public chain. Service providers, such as stores, likewise distribute their information in a public chain. At this time, through IDall Wallet, the user selects only the service he wants to use and encrypts the authentication information that can be verified by the service provider and distributes it to the public chain. Therefore, only the service provider specified by the user can verify the authentication information for the user’s request and determine whether to allow access to the service.

IDall’s decentralized one ID platform allows for a single ID when users access the service. In addition, secure login authentication is possible with only one PASSCON authentication key. All service providers, including those participating in the platform, no longer need to keep ID and credentials for their customers. As a result, service providers can significantly reduce the cost of securing their access systems while simultaneously improving their customer experience.

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