IDALL starts to reach global market in Hotbit

Greetings to IDALL Supporters,

We’ve got a piece of marvellous news! IDALL (IDALL TOKEN) will be listed on 29th April 2020 on one of the world’s leading Cryptocurrency exchanges, Hotbit.

Hotbit officially announced on their Twitter that the exchange will list IDall. Deposits of IDALL tokens to your Hotbit account and will be open on 23rd April 2020 12 pm (GMT+9) with IDALL/ETH. Trading of the listed tokens will start at 17:00 (GMT+9). 29th April 2020.

Listing IDALL on is the first step in exploring increased adaptability of our PASSCON Technology, this adaption allows us to be widely available in the world from which many people will be freed from the pain of passwords.

IDALL tokens are built upon the Ethereum blockchain and made to power the whole IDALL Ecosystem. It is the most reasonable token economy model in which token demand for actual use is reflected in the real price of the token.

Upon listing, Hotbit has collaborated with IDall and will conduct two different events; AMA and Staking.


As IDall's token IDALL will be listed on Hotbit, on 29 April 2020, Hotbit will host an AMA ( Ask Me Anything) session together with the IDALL CEO Lim Yonghoon on 28th, 17:00 UTC+9.


Minimum amount / volume allowed for purchase:2,000,000

Purchase Period: 7 days

Interest period: 60 days

Annual rate:54.75% (0.15% per day)

Please stay tuned to our Social Media and Telegram for more updates.


The DECENTRALIZED PASSWORDLESS ONE ID CRYPTO ECOSYSTEM aims to make the Internet, blockchain and crypto assets safe and easy to use. We want to provide an environment where you can do anything anytime, anywhere with just one ID. This goal can be achieved using our unique PASSCON security technology and blockchain.

In solution, IDALL has developed an app that will replace the Password. So, if you ever suffered because you forgot your password, or had a painful experience when you had a wallet but couldn't use coins, Do you have any fear that your ID or wallet might be hacked? Our IDALL app is the only solution for that. The IDALL app is a paid app, but you can always use it for free if you have 10 IDALL tokens.

About IDALL Token

The world’s first token specifically designed for Security Purposes. IDALL tokens can be used in paying IDALL app fees which inherit a payback benefit of 50% or more. It will also fuel the Future Products of IDALL ecosystem.

Apart from that, IDALL tokens will be used to reward the participants transparently to promote the expansion of the ecosystem.

  • Engagement Reward: Pay for the app with Airdrop Tokens
  • Payback Rewards: Payback rewards for half of 1% exchange fee
  • Ad Rewards: Offer a portion of advertising revenue

The total circulation of IDALL is fixed to 1b tokens. IDALL will burn the unused and unsold tokens to maintain the value of the remaining IDALL Tokens. This includes the fees that have been collected as it's App usage fee.

Why Hotbit?

HOTBIT offers multi-functional cryptocurrency exchange service. Upon the foundation of Hotbit, which is not long ago, they already made a lot and incredible achievements, According to statistics, as of December 10, 2019, a cryptocurrency exchange HOTBIT has a turnover trade of USD 564.33 million or 76.933 BTC on coinmarketcap and it takes the 13th place in the ranking of cryptocurrency exchanges in terms of trading volume over the past 24 hours.

Hotbit’s technology and advantages promotes itself as one of the best trading platforms, 1st. Its multi-currency support, 2nd. Hotbit has high liquidity, 3rd. 24 hour customer service secure and 4th. strong and steady security, in fact it is Classified as B+ just the same as Binance according to this data . But the important reason why IDALL chose Hotbit , was it holds the record of 0 loss to any of their users' assets under their strong security.

How to Use Hotbit:

Open the Website . The Trading view of Hotbit was accessible both in website view, mobile view and also has its own Mobile Application.

When it comes to Trading Fees, Hotbit’s fees were definitely below the global industry average around 0.25%, but it can still be lowered up to .05% (considering the world’s lowest trading fee) if you hold 'HTB' Hotbit Token, Hotbits Native Token.

Hotbit is also one of the simplest exchanges in terms of Withdrawal of assets, KYC is not necessary, they only need SMS, email or google verification, hence, you just need to bind at least two of them if you want to withdraw. In other words, your Funds is safe as either your identity.

This is just the beginning of the IDALL's Journey.

IDALL has no ICO nor IEO, it means, if you buy IDALL on HOTBIT, you will be an early bird of the World's first DECENTRALIZED PASSWORDLESS ONE ID CRYPTO ECOSYSTEM.

Stay tune to our Social Media for more updates;




Passwordless one ID secure world

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Passwordless one ID secure world

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