IDall and PASSCON Blue Paper, Part III.3.2 Login Authentication

One ID service and PASSCON Authentication Security Technology

Login authentication is as follows on a device with UD_CRD.


Flow Chart of PASSCON Login Authentication Process


Authentication is performed in the order of verifying the digital signature after 3 device verifications. Auth_Token also limits the validity of digital signatures to one.

  • 2. Compare: E_DAK in UD_CRD = Encrypt(Spb, DAK_N)
  • 4. Compare: E_DAK in UD_CRD = E_DAK in US_DRD
  • 7. Generate APC_Key, Decrypt(E_Upr, APC_Key), Decrypt(E_DAK in E_Upb_NRN_DAK, Upr), Compare: DAK_N = E_DAK in E_Upb_NRN_DAK
  • 8. Extract NRN in E_DAK in E_Upb_NRN_DAK, Generate SFA, Signature
  • 10. Compare: Decrypt(Signature, Upb) = hash(SFA, Auth_Token)

III.3.3 Electronic Transaction Digital Signature Authentication

The application of digital signatures to electronic transactions is intended to achieve the purpose of confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation.


The table below shows the procedure for requesting an electronic transaction after a user successfully “IV.3.2 login authentication”.

Flow Chart of PASSCON Digital Signature Authentication Process


Verifies digital signatures containing hash values of transaction information and multiple synthesis factor(SFA). Verification of the confidentiality, integrity and non-repudiation requirements of electronic transactions.

  • 5. Compare: Decrypt(E_Tx, Spr) = Tx — Confidentiality
  • 5. Compare: Hash(Tx) = H_Tx — Integrity
  • 5. Compare: Decrypt(Signature, Upb) = hash(SFA, H_Tx, Auth_Token) — Non-repudiation

III.3.4 Change / Discard Credentials (US_CRD, UD_CRD)

PASSCON provides users with the power and functionality to easily change authentication keys, natural random numbers (NRN), and PKI. The UD-CRD and US_CRD are updated according to the changed credentials. The credential can be discarded by deleting US_CRD stored in the server.


The diagram below shows the user requesting a change after successful “IV.3.2 login authentication”.

Flow Chart of PASSCON for Discard User Credential

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IDall and Passcon oneID crypto ecosystem GCODInnovation




Passwordless one ID secure world

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Passwordless one ID secure world

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