IDall and PASSCON Blue Paper, Part III.1, III.2 Technology Specification of PASSCON

One ID service and PASSCON Authentication Security Technology

III.1 Personalized Dashboard Interface

Provide convenience and security at the same time

Personalization dashboards are user interfaces that consist of image objects. Each image object can vary according to function and purpose. It provides a pattern dashboard consisting of dots, a PIN dashboard consisting of number icons, and an image dashboard with themes.

In addition to the convenience of replacing the keyboard, these dashboards have their own additional features.

PASSCON Personalized Authentication Dashboard

PASSCON Pattern: Patterns can overlap the same point, so even if a third party knows the shape, he cannot draw the pattern correctly.

PASSCON PIN: Using two or more pads, the user can freely configure a PIN. “111111” has 729 input methods. That is, even if the number is known, the third party cannot enter it correctly.

PASSCON Story: You can easily create fun stories with icons. “I ate two bowls of noodle after skiing for seven hours”.

Demo Video:

The user can select a personalization dashboard according to his or her taste. Each dashboard can be customized as shown below.

Customizable PASSCON Personalized Authentication Dashboard

More advanced personalization dashboard interface than biometrics

The image object (IMG_D) visually recognized by the user in the dashboard has nothing to do with the actual input value. Dots, numbers, and figures on each dashboard make it easy for users to set up and enter authentication keys. It serves as a simple personalization interface where users and the PASSCON system interact.

Personal Passcode of PASSCON Personalized Authentication Dashboard

The PASSCON personalization dashboard provides a means of entering unique values without error. The image object recognized as 7 in the dashboard is not related to 7 and a value (PC) uniquely assigned to the ID is entered, and no error occurs in this process. PC values are uniquely assigned to each ID by the number of image objects that make up the dashboard.

PC values are assigned mn and each PC has k characters, length (PC) = 1, 2, ,,, k, k <∞. The length of the string that composes the dashboard can be flexibly applied.

Personal Passcode Matrix in PASSCON Personalized Authentication Dashboard

The PASSCON personalization dashboard is comparable to the biometric interface, which is like the method of collecting unique data by scanning the fingerprint with a sensor, although it is not possible to enter the fingerprint itself. However, since fingerprints are recognized differently every time, an error occurs in the input information, but there is a difference that an error does not occur in the input using the PASSCON dashboard.

The PASSCON personalization dashboard is an input device that is unique to an individual ID, just like the biometric itself. This input device consists of a very large number of characters from PC11 to PCmn and presenting an authentication key is like selecting and entering specific characters from your own character set. In other words, it is like the intention that the user selects only a specific part of the fingerprint information and uses it as the authentication key. Furthermore, biometrics cannot be changed, but the PASSCON dashboard can be both personalized and regenerated. The PASSCON dashboard is also a unique knowledge transfer system that varies from person to person.

III.2 Natural Random Number

PASSCON shortens the photo file using a hash function and uses the result as a natural random number. Generating and using natural random numbers is not cryptographically easy, but PASSCON adopts the easiest way to solve it with a single photo.

Photo files convert light changes into digital data using optical lenses and computer technology. Thus, even the slightest changes in light can be reflected in the data. Nowadays, the camera functions of smartphones have advanced dramatically and the amount of data that can be taken is increasing. This means that even finer light changes can be captured as data.

In conclusion, even if the same subject is photographed using a human-made camera, it is impossible for a human to take the same picture, and even a mechanical device and computer technology cannot take the same picture. Therefore, the picture file is the natural random number that can be easily obtained.

When using a photo file as a natural random number, it is inevitable to consider the processing speed. This is because the higher the resolution, the higher the randomness, but the processing speed may be relatively slow. Therefore, it is necessary to reduce the amount of data, and the most suitable method is to use a hash function. In other words, the photo file is entered into the hash function and the result is used as the natural random number. This allows you to generate hash results of varying lengths as needed and use them as random numbers to maintain processing performance.

natural random number(NRN) = Hash function(Photo file)

Photo for generation of natural random number

In the actual application stage, the length of the natural random number can be adjusted by dividing the photo file to obtain multiple hash results and applying additional arithmetic functions to the values.

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Passwordless one ID secure world

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Passwordless one ID secure world

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