CoreDAX x GCOD Innovation Security Agreement

CoreDAX signed an agreement on technical cooperation with GCOD Innovation, an authentication security technology, to enhance the security of its exchange and increase customer convenience.

CoreDAX is a company that operates a cryptocurrency trading platform and aims for the best security. The company has already prepared a high-level system and plans to start the service in June. CoreDAX expects that the agreement between the two companies will achieve another level of improvement as efforts to increase customer safety and satisfaction must continue.

GCOD Innovation is a technology company that has developed authentication security technology for 6 years. It is said that many related patents are already held. CoreDAX explains that GCASS Innovation’s unique authentication security technology, PASSCON, is very innovative.

PASSCON technology is an authentication technology that does not use a keyboard, and it is said that most of the security vulnerabilities of existing passwords disappear. In addition, it is more user-friendly because it uses a new concept pattern and PIN or icon. In addition, it is said that a special algorithm that generates natural random numbers from photographs and applies them to digital signatures has the advantage of replacing the role of digital signatures provided by existing PKI certificates. In other words, if the digital signature function is applied to the crypto currency trading system, it can jump to the platform of the level of existing securities companies.

The two companies also announced their ambitious ambition to start R & D that incorporates PASSCON technology into the trading platform and lead industry standards.

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