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Everyone lives connected to the Internet. Cryptocurrency and blockchain are constantly striving to get closer to real life. As a result, numerous blockchain projects are emerging, but if you look closely, few projects provide an environment that general consumers can easily understand and use.

That is because there is no new technology that can create a user-friendly service by breaking away from the security method that relies on passwords. Without acknowledging this reality, no blockchain project will succeed.


Most people have experience with patterns or PINs. These are alternative technologies that were created because passwords were too inconvenient. However, traditional patterns and PINs are so simple that they are incomplete in security. PASSCON is very safe because it provides a unique pattern and PIN screen, and input values are made with personalized random numbers. The PASSCON pattern makes it easy to draw complex patterns because the same points can be duplicated, and multiple points can be used.

Passcon PIN applies to more than one number pad, so even if someone knows the PIN, a third party cannot enter it correctly. In addition, natural random numbers generated by photos are inherently impossible to hack and make digital signature authentication perfect. “PASSCON is the only technology in the world that can remove passwords.”

PASSCON Business Model

PASSCON can be applied to customer protection in a variety of ways. The widest and most in-demand area is login authentication. The login authentication solution is to install the program on each service provider’s server and app. It is also a small SI project that customizes only the elements necessary for login authentication according to customer needs. Companies with many electronic documents or electronic contracts can apply PASSCON as a digital signature system. Recently, blockchain application services are emerging one after another, and PASSCON is optimal for the convenience and safety of real users. In the long term, we plan to develop a login authentication solution and a blockchain distributed identity solution so that SaaS, that is, a pay-as-you-go method, can be used.

The demands of individuals who wish to protect themselves from cybercrime continue to increase. So, we enter the B2C market with a password management service that improves personal security and convenience. Recently, business models using cryptocurrency tokens and blockchains are attracting attention. Reflecting this trend, we will issue tokens and provide users with significantly lower usage fees. Although the password management service is convenient, it cannot remove the password itself. So, in conjunction with the blockchain, it expands to a decentralized distributed ID (DID) service. DID does not require an authentication system for individual web/app services, and users log in easily and securely anywhere with one DID. As tokens are required during this process, IDall’s token ecosystem and the value of the tokens can grow together.

PASSCON IDall Market

Multi-factor authentication: Source: MARKETSandMARKETS: Fraud Cost: techjury 2017’ USA manager service : GooglePlaystor, PCMAG with Vice President of Global Security Company RSA mentioned in an interview with the RSA vice president, the era of passwordless is far away. Even biometric authentication has spread. Why?

This is because biometric authentication can only be registered after logging in with a password. A password is required not only on the Internet, but also in the user’s wallet in the blockchain, which is known for its excellent security. PASSCON is the only convenient and secure solution that replaces passwords and eliminates the need to manage mnemonics on the blockchain. The existing password technology is free, so the password replacement market is a newly emerging market for security solutions, and no competitors have achieved results. It can also replace the multi-factor authentication like SMS or OTP once we start replacing passwords.

PASSCON IDall Target

To enter the B2B market, securing references is paramount. Recently, the blockchain-related market is growing significantly. However, it is common for blockchain to be provided through a wallet service. However, most blockchain wallets are very difficult and inconvenient for general public users. Therefore, when PASSCON is applied, the user experience can be greatly improved. So, to secure the reference, the target customer is selected as the blockchain-related service provider. Once we have a reference, we can quickly expand our clients to fintech, games, portals, financial institutions, governments, and more.

The password management service market is centered in developed countries, and many competitors form a large market. Therefore, IDall, which has low brand awareness, is advantageous to target Southeast Asia, Africa and South America, where the market has not yet been formed. Competitive services are difficult to enter this market due to high fee barriers. IDall app has a competitive edge in terms of low fees and master account security, so if we first secure a user base in underdeveloped countries, we can compete equally with other players in developed markets.

PASSCOn IDall Markeing Strategy

As securing a reference is of paramount importance, we strategically supply solutions for initial market entry. It is provided free of charge to secure at least two customers. It targets blockchain-related companies that need to improve security and convenience at the same time. Once the reference is secured, we focus our sales force on financial institutions and governments through alliances with medium and large SI companies. After that, when a stable customer case is secured, we enter the cloud platform of Amazon or Microsoft. These platforms support SaaS marketplaces that sell software based on usage.

The initial target markets are low-developed countries with low income levels, so profits will not be significant. However, if we have enough initial users and take advantage of PASSCON’s strong security features, we will eventually achieve performance in developed markets and increase our revenues.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide price benefits in the early stages of entering the market. The competitor’s $12 per year fee is a high barrier to entry even in developed countries compared to other apps. Therefore, the combination of an unprecedented price benefit of 1/12 compared to competitors and a token airdrop will facilitate market entry and expansion.

PASSCON IDall Revenue

There are two main ways to supply PASSCON. SI, including customization, profits from system construction costs and annual license fees. SaaS, which charges based on usage, charges $0.042 per active user per month, which is also the billing method of Amazon AWS.

The password management service charges one-twelfth of $12, the lowest price of competing services, as a yearly usage fee. In addition, users who agree to display ads are entitled to free app usage. Although the revenue from app usage may seem small, users can pay usage fees with IDall tokens, and once expanded to a decentralized identity service, it is possible to shop and pay with tokens, which has the advantage of increasing token value and sales revenue.

PASSCON IDall Sales Goal

Revenue from B2B business will grow rapidly in two and three years. As trust in the solution builds up, a more rapid rise is expected. B2C business is also expected to steadily increase sales, but as part of our marketing strategy, we will focus on increasing users rather than profits in the first 2–3 years. From 2024, it is expected to increase sales and increase users at the same time. Because it is possible to increase the unit price of the app usage fee and advertising fee..

Both B2B products and B2C services initially set low unit prices to maintain price competitiveness. However, with sufficient popularity and proven trust, pricing and sales policies can be changed to create high added value.

Through R&D and marketing over the past 6 years, we have achieved achievements in important factors. The results of R&D have secured technology and monopoly status with 4 registered patents. In addition, the development of the PASSCON program has been completed, and the commercialization of the service has already been successful by applying it to the IDall app. Currently, the IDall app has 70,000 downloads and is highly rated by users. In addition, IDall tokens issued as part of the token economy business have been successfully distributed to the market.

IDall token is a utility token, and as the number of holders increases and a shopping mall connected to the service is added, the payment function and the remittance function can also be used together, and the value can continuously increase. It is currently listed on Hotbit Global Exchange and Coredax Won Exchange and will continue listing on larger exchanges in sequence. IDall B2C business will grow faster through a community of 100,000 people.

PASSCON IDall Roadmap

Products to be supplied to the B2B market are developed in stages. In the process, we support marketing activities by acquiring FIDO world standard certification and Korean government’s Good Software certification. Certificates from accredited organizations will greatly contribute to improving the performance of B2B business. In addition, we will maximize the synergy effect by improving the reliability and awareness of B2C services.

B2C service and token economy are inseparable from each other. Tokens are listed sequentially on the exchange to increase trust in value. This creates significant synergies with the performance of the B2B business. In addition, tokens have strong synergy effects that smoothly raise funds for development. In accordance with the expansion of the token economy, wallet service and DID service will be released to the market sequentially, and will effectively support B2B business.


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